Terry Fox Walk @ Alexander Muir

Dear Muir Families:8676ba3f3093891d196032cab1a1b104--the-walk-the-run

We are looking forward to our school wide Terry Fox walk which will occur on Friday, October 6th in the afternoon. Kindergarten students will be walking around the tarmac/field area on school property and grade 1-8 students will be walking around the park next to our school. We are looking for donations for this event. We invite you to send in a donation [suggested $2.00] or you can make a larger donation on SCHOOL CASH ONLINE. Our goal is to raise $700+ for cancer research in Terry’s name.

We thank you!

The staff at Alexander Muir P.S.

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We need your help! Drive Safe in School Zones #yrdsbSSW

Dear Muir Families,

We need your help to ensure that all of our students, staff and families can arrive and depart safely each day. Please slow down, obey all posted signs and follow traffic laws. We have over 620 students & 58 staff members arriving and departing each day. We need to ensure safety for all! We need you to do your part to make this happen. Safety first! Please take extra care and time when in school zones!  #yrdsbSSW

Mr. Erdmann & Mrs. Mott

Screen Shot 2017-09-24 at 9.18.51 AM.png

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Food Trucks @ Meet the Staff Night

IWbD8roXOur Meet the Staff night is fast approaching! We look forward to hosting our school community on Thursday, September 28th. Food Trucks will be available outside (in the tarmac area) from 4:30-7:00 p.m. for those families that would like to purchase food. Again this year we will have A’s Pizza  (serving pizza slices & drinks) and Glad-I-Ate Here (serving hamburgers, chicken fingers, french fries, poutine, veggie dogs, drinks etc.). We will also have an ice cream truck on site! We hope that you will join us for dinner prior to the start of Meet the Staff night. Classrooms Screen Shot 2017-09-23 at 9.14.06 AMopen beginning at 6:00 p.m. until 7:30 p.m. We will also feature our School Council Table & School Spirit Wear!

We hope to see you there!

The staff at Alexander Muir P.S.

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Fair Notice- Treat Assessment Y.R.D.S.B.

Threat Assessment

Threat Assessment 2

For more information please visit the board Caring & Safe Schools pages on the board’s website.

Mr. Erdmann & Mrs. Mott

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Allergy Reminders

Dear Muir Families,

stop-nut-free-zone-sign-k-0128We have a number of students & staff at Alexander Muir with life threatening allergies to peanuts and other nuts. We would therefore ask and expect that you will not send any snacks or lunch item to school that contain nuts or peanuts. Please be sure to check ingredient labels as some products contain nuts and /or peanuts that you may not be aware of. We appreciate your support in keeping all of our students safe at Alexander Muir P.S.

What about WOW Butter?

Some families & students have asked about bringing WOW butter sandwiches to school. This is a soy based product that looks and tastes similar to peanut butter. It is often difficult to tell the difference between peanut butter and wow butter.  Wow butter is permitted at Alexander Muir P.S.  if it is clearly labelled as WOW butter. We do not have the resources to check all food items brought into the school. There are usually free labels on the inside of the jar labels to use or you can put your own label on the food item.  We thank you for your cooperation.

We thank your for your support and cooperation.

Mr. Erdmann & Mrs. Mott



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Updated Homework Policy #320.0

Dear Muir Families:

The Y.R.D.S.B. has recently made changes to the board’s homework policy #320.0. Below please find some of the key updates and changes:

Updated Homework Policy

What has changed?

  • The Homework Policy has been revised in accordance with the board’s commitment to both achievement and well-being for all students
  • The policy has been broadened beyond a literacy context and places increased attention on the importance of personalization and home-school balance in support of student learning and well-being
  • The accompanying procedure seeks to better define types of homework that are purposeful at different stages in the learning cycle; it reflects an increased emphasis on teacher collaboration in the design of homework and a reduction in the maximum time allowances for homework based on grade level

Types of Homework                                                                                                                                                                                        In order to be effective, homework types vary depending on the student, the nature of the learning and the timing within the teaching-learning cycle. The quality of homework is more important than the quantity.

  • Pre-learning homework introduces an upcoming topic of study. Pre-learning can stimulate interest, activate prior knowledge or determine readiness.
  • Checking for understanding homework uses strategic questions to assess current levels of understanding and helps teachers determine next steps for instruction.
  • Practice homework provides the opportunity to practise what has been learned in class and requires a genuine understanding of the skill or concept.
  • Study homework is time spent reviewing material taught in class to consolidate understanding and/or prepare for upcoming assessment.

 Completion homework is work not completed during class time.

Homework should:

  • support the interconnection of student learning and well-being;
  • be age and developmentally appropriate;
  • respect the need for a balance between academic, personal and family demands;
  • recognize the interests, strengths and needs of each student;
  • adhere to accommodations and modifications;
  • include families as partners in the learning process; and
  • ensure equity of opportunity and access to help, technology and resources.

 Time Chart

Teachers use their professional judgment to assign homework, adjusting requirements to support individual student learning and well-being (without exceeding maximums). Teachers will consider other subject/ course requirements when assigning homework. Assignments for evaluation being sent home for completion must be considered in the total time allocation.

The following timelines are intended to show daily recommended maximums across all subjects and courses. It is not meant to be an average or expected daily amount.

Homework Minutes

Teachers Shall:

  • not assign homework over school holidays or on significant faith days

If you have any questions or concerns, please speak with your child’s teacher.

Mr. Erdmann & Mrs. Mott



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Before & After School Supervision

Dear Muir Families,

Just a reminder that we begin our staff supervision at 7:45 a.m. each morning. A limited number of staff are outside to supervise and support student entry. Please do not send your child/ren prior to this time (unless you are supervising them). After school supervision ends at 2:45 p.m. Please be prompt at the end of the school day. Parents/Guardians are responsible for supervision after 2:45 p.m. We encourage students to come to the office if they are not picked up by 2:45 p.m.

Often siblings need to find each other at the end of the school day in order to walk home together. Different grades enter and exit at different doors. We would like to suggest that you arrange a common meeting spot with your child/ren.  Some suggestions could be the flag pole at the front of the school or one of our basketball nets near the portables. Siblings picking up Kindergarten students will have to walk around to the kindergarten gate area to pick up their sibling.

Students are not to enter or exit through the front doors of the school unless accompanied by a parent/guardian or arrive at school after 8:10 a.m. They should use their regular entry/exit doors each day.

After School – We would encourage students & Muir families to communicate after school activities including (going to a friend’s house, team practice, club activity) with each other.  Sometimes we have frantic family members calling us after school to indicate that their child did not arrive at home, only to find out that they have gone to the park or went to a friend’s house. Other times we have families call the office in the last few minutes of the day trying to pass along a message to students. The end of the school day is an extremely busy time both in the office and in our classrooms.  Students may be at their coat hooks/lockers and it is difficult to pass along a message at this time. We encourage you to make arrangements or pass along messages earlier in the school day.  Please also encourage your child to communicate their after school activities with you to avoid this situation.

Keeping you informed.

Mr. Erdmann & Mrs. Mott

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Adult ESL Classes @ Alexander Muir!

Dear Muir Families,

Did you know that Y.R.D.S.B. offers FREE Adult English Language classes right here at Alexander Muir P.S. every Monday & Wednesday night from 7:00-9:00 p.m. Sign up today! For more information or to register call 905-731-9557.


ELL Classes

Keeping you informed.

Alexander Muir P.S.

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School Cash Online- PIZZA/MILK/COOKIE Online Orders

Hello Muir Families,

It is that time of year again! Do you wish to order PIZZA or COOKIES for your child for our WEDNESDAY PIZZA DAYS?  Do you wish to order MILK for your child?

Please go to SCHOOL CASH ONLINE and place your orders now. Both programs will begin starting in October. Order early. Orders due by Friday, September 22nd.

Pizza Lunch Poster

SNACK SHACK will be open on TUESDAYS & THURSDAYS during the first 15 minutes of morning recess only. We have a variety of items for students to purchase for $1. or $2. each outside the main office. All profits from the SNACK SHACK are used to enhance student learning.

Mr. Erdmann & Mrs. Mott

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LUNCH INFORMATION- When does my child eat lunch?

Dear Muir Families:

With the high student enrolment numbers at Alexander Muir and the small field/tarmac area, we have created staggered lunch recesses for our kindergarten and grade 1 to 8 classrooms as follows:

Screen Shot 2017-09-10 at 8.29.29 PM.png

Students eat lunch in their own classrooms. We have paid adult lunch monitors on duty during the lunch hour while our staff are having their lunches. Each adult lunch monitor supervises a number of classes both during the indoor & outdoor portions of lunch. Adult lunch monitors are board employees, have VSS [Vulnerable Sector Screening checks] and are provided with some training. We also have a group of dedicated volunteer student lunch monitors from grades 4-8 that assist the adult lunch monitors in kindergarten to grade three classrooms.

stop-nut-free-zone-sign-k-0128.pngWe would like to remind you to please not send any food items that contain peanuts or other nuts to school. Reminder that students are not permitted to bring knives to school [including plastic knives, at any time]. If your child needs a fork or spoon, please provide a plastic spoon or fork in their lunch bag. We encourage healthy lunches and snacks!


Please note that we are unable to heat your child’s lunch. If needed, please provide a thermos to keep food items warm.

Although we encourage you to have your child bring their lunch with them to school each morning, we do have a lunch drop off table available for families to drop off lunches, should you need to bring one to the school. The lunch drop off table is located outside the main office. Please label the lunch with your child’s name & grade.

Keeping you informed.

Mr. Erdmann & Mrs. Mott


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