Why no balls at morning recess?


Many students and families have asked us why we have not allowed students to use balls at morning recesses over the past few weeks? With the spring weather upon us, our field area is wet and muddy. According to the board, we are not permitted to allow students on the field area until it dry to ensure that we do not damage the grass/field area. This may take several weeks. Until that time, the following applies:

Morning Recesses (No balls allowed) during tarmac only recesses

With over 500+ students on our small tarmac/pavement area during morning recess there is a high potential/risk of injury if balls were permitted during this time, therefore no balls are permitted out at morning recess.

Lunch Hour Recess (Balls Allowed) during tarmac only recesses

BasketballDuring tarmac only recesses at lunch, we stagger the recess as follows: Grade 5-8 go out for the first 30 minutes and grades 1-4 go out for the second 30 minutes. This significantly reduces the number of students on the tarmac/pavement area so we do allow balls (basketballs, tennis balls and nerf type balls)

Once the field/grass area dries up, we will return to allowing balls at morning recesses and return to the original staggered recess times as follows:

Grade 5-8’s: First outside for 40 minutes then inside for 20 minutes to each lunch

Grade 1-4’s: First inside for 20 minutes to eat lunch then outside for 40 minutes outside

There is 20 minutes where all grade 1-8 students are outside at the same time during a regular lunch hour.

We are all looking forward to warmer, drier weather so that we can use our full outdoor play area!

tennis ball
Please note: that Kindergarten students have both a staggered morning recess (3 classes out for 15 minutes then the other 3 kindergarten classes go out for the second 15 minutes). At lunch recess- 3 classes go outside first then come in to eat lunch while the other three classes first eat inside then go outside.

Mr. Erdmann & Ms. Wand

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