Halloween Reminders

Dear Alexander Muir Families:

imagesStudents celebrating this occasion in costume at our school next Monday must comply with the Safe School’s policy. Costume accessories including, but not limited to, toy guns, knives, axes, swords, etc. are not in compliance with York Region District School Board’s Safe & Caring Schools Policy #668.0. Should your child bring a costume to school on October 31st we would ask that no replica weapons (ex. Swords, guns) be brought to school if they are part of the costume.

Hallowe’en Costume Parades (FDK & Grade 1-2 classes)

All students who are bringing costumes to school will be changing into costumes after lunch recess (except for FDK students who should come to school dressed in their costumes ready for the FDK costume parade starting at 8:15 a.m.).  Parents/guardians are welcome to come in to see the parade please sign in at the office upon arrival. The FDK parade should be no more than 15 minutes in length. Grade 1&2’s will have their costume parade at approximately 1:20 p.m. (Grade 1 to 8 students are asked to bring their costumes to school to change into after lunch) – parents/guardians are welcome to come into the lower halls to watch. The parade will be approximately 10-15 minutes in length. Please send any costumes in a labelled bag for your child to change into. Please note that no makeup, hair spray or other items should be brought to school. If students choose to wear make up, it needs to be applied at home prior to coming to school. We appreciate your support.

Please note that on October 31st, the focus of the day remains on instruction and learning, any Halloween related activities, including any special activities (like a classroom celebration) will only take place in the afternoon. Students will have a choice to participate in alternative FALL activities.

Many of our students will enjoy treats over the next few weeks. As always, we wish to promote healthy eating at our school, therefore we would ask that no food be sent into the school from families including items like:  cup cakes, donuts, chips or candies. Many classes may assign a specific healthy treat to bring in (your child’s teacher will let you know if this is the case). We thank you for your understanding.halloween-959006_960_720

A reminder that many candies and treats, especially the small chocolate bars that the children receive during Trick or Treating contain peanuts and other nuts. These are great to enjoy at home. Given the variety of allergies we have throughout our building, we would ask all families to continue to be vigilant when selecting which snacks to bring to school. It is also important that students don’t trade snacks with each other.

Your continued support of student safety is greatly appreciated.

Mr. Erdmann & Ms. Wand

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