E.Q.A.O. Results Spring 2016

Dear Alexander Muir Families,

The school results from the Spring 2016 E.Q.A.O. testing for grade 3 and 6 students has now been posted on our school website. To access our school’s E.Q.A.O. data please click here Alexander Muir E.Q.A.O. Spring 2016.  This 41 page school report provides detailed information about our school’s results including:

  • School, board and province comparisons in Reading, Writing and Mathematics
  • Test results over the past five year period for Alexander Muir P.S.
  • Contextual information about students (gender, language, status and place of birth) for grade 3 and 6 students at our school
  • Information about ‘All students’ (in grade 3 & 6) vs. ‘Participating students’ (who actually wrote the test this Spring)
  • Results over time (comparing  2012-2013 data with 2015-2016 data)
  • Student questionnaire  survey results 

Here is a snapshot of our 2015-2016 results:



Over the coming months our school staff will be taking a closer look at the school level & individual student E.Q.A.O. results to plan our next steps for staff professional learning as well as pinpoint our specific focus/target areas for improvement to be included in our SIPSA (School Improvement Plan for Student Achievement) for this school year. More information will be shared about this at a later date.

For more information about the E.Q.A.O. provincial assessments please click here:E.Q.A.O. Provincial Assessments

Mr.Erdmann & Ms. Wand

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