School Safety Reminders

Muir Families,

We would like to again remind all Muir families and visitors to our school to please obey the traffic signs and follow traffic laws when in our school zone. We continue to witness examples of cars not following posted signs (i.e. not stopping at stop signs, parking in restricted areas etc.) and/or doing U-turns, reversing in our parking lot, driving above the posted speed limit etc.

Please slow down. Watch for children and pedestrians at all times. Please take extra caution and be extra vigilant. Take your time! We want to ensure that all students, staff and Muir community members are safe.

Please note that we have a stop sign in our Kiss & Ride area. Please be sure to come to a complete stop at the cross walk stop sign. Look in both directions to see if any students, staff or community members are crossing this area.This is a cross walk area between the school and the parking lot. Please slow down when driving on school property. We have had several close calls.

Crosswalk Stop signs

We must work together to ensure that our students, staff and community members can safely arrive and depart from our school each day. We thank you for placing safety as your top priority. Safety first!


Mr. Erdmann & Ms. Wand

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