See, Think, Wonder ~Thinking Routine Revisted

Check out these new ways to use the THINKING ROUTINESEE, THINK, WONDER! (Click on the link to learn more)

Try using all 5 senses when using this routine!


Try the routine in reverse order!


Thinking Routines are used at Alexander Muir to make students thinking more visible. See, Think, Wonder is one of the many thinking routines that can be used to support deeper thinking. Why not try it at home!

Mr. Erdmann & Ms. Wand

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2 Responses to See, Think, Wonder ~Thinking Routine Revisted

  1. Tima says:

    I love STW, and use it often. I’m intrigued by the idea of reversing the order, but feel like I wouldn’t know how to start. Would you mind sharing how you used it?

    • 123alexmuir says:

      Start with an inquiry questions.. I WONDER if…. then ask students to use a THINKING routine to explain, justify, explore….finally have students SEE if their thinking was correct or not and why.

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