Kiss & Ride ~ Traffic Congestion Before & After School

Dear Muir Families,

We would like to remind all Muir families that the KISS & RIDE in the front of our school is for a quick drop off of your child/ren. Please do not park in this area. We would ask that you also not stop in the center lane to let out your children as you are blocking traffic & stopping the flow of traffic from moving. See diagram below for more details. Please also note that the bus loop is for buses, taxis and staff parking only. Please do not enter this area.

Parking Lot Safety

We would ask that you walk to school and/or park on a side street and walk your child to and from school (we have extremely limited staff parking at our school).

We all need to ensure the safety of all of our students. Please slow down, be cautious and give yourself enough time to get to school so that you are not rushing. We thank you for your cooperation and support.

Safety first!

Mr. Erdmann & Ms. Wand

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