Bumped Head Bracelets ~ NEW!

Bumped Head Braceletsbracelet

During a child’s day, accidents do happen.  We deal with a variety of injuries in the office on a daily basis, many of which are easily attended to with a bandaid or a piece of ice. 

Of special concern are injuries to a child’s head and as a result we are piloting a Bumped Head Bracelet program to ‘silently’ alert adults in the building and parents/caregivers at home that the student has bumped their head.

Starting MONDAY, NOVEMBER 9th if your child has bumped their head:

  • they are sent to the office
  • Office/First Aider will assess the injury
  • if it’s a serious injury, a phone call will be made to parents
  • parents may decide to pick the student up
  • if the student is staying at school they will be given a yellow bracelet to wear for the rest of day

The yellow bracelet will ‘silently’ alert other adults in the building that the child has bumped their head and to alert the office of any unusual behaviour or concussion symptoms that the student may be presenting with.  This will provide an added layer of monitoring to protect and support students.

 If you have any questions about this new pilot project, please contact the office at (905) 895-9466.

Mr. Erdmann & Ms. Wand

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