School Cash ONLINE Payment System @ Alexander Muir P.S.

We invite all AMPS families to register for the new School Cash ONLINE payment system. This online system allows AMPS families to pay for school related items using a credit card or through debit. This is a more convenient way to pay without having to send in cash or cheques with your child/ren.

To register go to the  Alexander Muir P.S. Website then click on the following link (near the bottom of the page)

School Cash Online Link

Then click on GET STARTED TODAY (only for the first time you login):


Your child will be bringing home a green instruction sheet with your child’s student number on it today. You will need this student number to register your child.

For more details please see instructions below.

Parent registration - Alexander Muir PS_Page_1

Parent registration - Alexander Muir PS_Page_2

Need help?   Contact Parent Hep Desk at 1-866-961-1803  or

We hope that you will find this a convenient way to pay for school related items.

Mr. Erdmann & Ms. Wand

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