Eco Update!

Eco Waste Audits

waste_audit_imageOur team has been extremely busy this month! After doing a waste audit, they found that our waste management is not as good as it should be, or as good as it has been in the past. So, our team made sure that each class has the posters they need to help remind the students of what goes in each bin. They even stapled items to the posters to help students see exactly what belongs where. We hope to have better results when we next go around to classes. Classes receive feedback from our walkabouts, in the form of a traffic light. Red, yellow and then green for the classes that do well. We need to see more Green lights!!

Eco Challenge

Our team has also been vigilant about energy use as well. With our Energy Ninjas going around from class to class to make sure lights are turned off when not needed, and items unplugged from the wall when not in use, they have really tried to make a difference . We challenged Phoebe Gilman PS to an Energy saving week, and while their results are not in yet, we found that simply by turning off lights, and unplugging appliances when not in use, that we saved about 10% of our energy use. That is a significant amount, when you think of what it takes to run the building in this cold weather. Imagine the energy and money we can save by doing this at home, too!

Battery Blitz!

earth-rangers-logoThe Earth Rangers also visited our school, bringing with them a variety of endangered animals and their stories. Our students are always so engaged by the Earth Ranger presentations, and are motivated to make a difference. This year they shared with us some information about a company called Call2Recycle that collects used batteries and cell phones. The old batteries are then turned into useful items! We accepted the Battery Blitz challenge.

In true Alexander Muir community spirit, our students and staff brought batteries in by the armful! Families constructed makeshift pails out of good ol’ Canadian duct tape, in which to carry the loads of batteries. Other families put word out on Facebook and still
others went door‐to‐door in their neighbourhood to collect used batteries! We are so excited to have collected so many, and await results to see if we win the Ontario‐wide “school collection contest!” Either way it has felt great to be able to do something to
help our planet! Thank you to all our contributors. It would also seem that Ms. Paterson’s class deserves an honourable mention, as well as all the students who helped to tape the ends of each battery for safety’s sake!

Did you know that an estimated 34 million lbs. of batteries were sold in Canada last year? That’s equivalent to the weight of 2,266 African elephants! Some batteries contain metals that can be harmful to the environment if they aren’t disposed of properly. Wbatterieshen they aren’t recycled, they often end up in landfills where they can leak chemicals into the environment. This is why Earth Rangers, together with Call2Recycle, has launched a Battery Blitz Mission specifically designed to challenge schools across the GTA to collect as many batteries as possible.

Brown Bag Book Event Returns to Muir!

Yes, it’s that time of year again! It is time to go through the books on your shelves, and the ones by your bedside to find books that you have read and no longer need our book swap happens the week of February 9th. Students can bring in their previously‐read books on Monday, February 9th and Tuesday, February 10th. They bring them to the library and receive a brown bag with the number of books they have donated. On Wednesday February 11, during lunch recess, the students then bring their bags to the library and get to choose different books from the collect on of donated books.

We have received that week! It is a great way to reduce, re‐use and recycle, and to save money! Our students return home with fresh reading material, and have cleaned their rooms, too! Even when students end up having donated more books than they end up selecting, everyone wins!

Thanks for your support of our Eco-team!

Mrs. Spring

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