A Different Perspective

flagToday we hosted a delegation from Denmark, who were at our school to learn more about the ways in which our school is working to help all students ‘make their thinking more visible’, learn more about the supports and integration of Special Education and English Language Learners into our classrooms and to how we engage staff in ongoing professional learning focused on our priority areas.

We are always very proud of our students and staff here at Muir, but it is great to get others feedback and perspective from visitors to our school. They offer us a unique glimpse into the work that we are doing as a school and provide us with observational data.

Our Denmark visitors were very complimentary of Alexander Muir. They indicated that they were very impressed with what they saw our students learning in the classrooms and the way our staff were actively engaged in the learning with them. They commented on the fact that student work was displayed throughout the classrooms & hallways of the school. They noticed our anchor charts, easily accessible by our students, to support their learning. They talked about how clean our school was and the friendly, productive atmosphere that was evident in each of our classrooms.

We in turn learned more about the education system in Denmark and some of the current reforms happening in education. We also learned about the ways in which they support their students learning and well-being. Although we have very different ways of teaching and learning, the common thread is increasing achievement and well-being for all of our students.

We should be very proud of the work that we are doing to support student learning and well-being at Muir. Our work is not done so we will continue this work to ensure that Alexander Muir is a great place to work and learn.

Well Done Muir!


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