For the sake of our students, staff & school community members

A Message to our AMPS School Community:

We would like to once again remind our Alexander Muir school community members of the importance of taking extreme care and caution when you are dropping/picking up your children and/or driving in/near the school zone. We would also like to remind everyone to follow local traffic laws and obey traffic signs at all times for the sake of our students, staff and school community members.

Over the past two months we have witnessed several disturbing driving incidents including: making illegal U turns, driving through stop signs in the Kiss & Ride area, double parking in no parking zones, blocking traffic to let students out of cars, making illegal 3 point turns in the roadway, as well as some unsafe walking; including walking through parked cars and between buses. These are very unsafe practices and need to stop immediately for the safety of all involved.

It is imperative that we are extra vigilance and obey all traffic laws at all times. We must all look out for the safety of all of our students, staff and community members.

We have once again contacted the Town of Newmarket By-Law department, and have also requested that YRDSB board officials come to review the situation and help provide additional strategies and suggestions in this regard. We will communicate these at a later date.

Please slow down, take some extra time, and obey traffic laws and signs. We need to ensure safety for all. safety first

We thank you, and our students thank you, for your cooperation & support in this matter.

Richard Erdmann  &  Nazreen Freeman
Principal                        Vice Principal

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One Response to For the sake of our students, staff & school community members

  1. Melissa says:

    I totally agree it is absolute chaos with the dropping off and picking up. we always walk to and from school even in the winter time. it is good exercise, you are never really that far from your home school and it is less stressful than dealing with the parking. get some exercise and enjoy the fresh air.

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