Growth Mindsets, Perseverance & Grit

pencil eraserAt Alexander Muir P.S. one of our focus areas this school year is to continue to develop a positive, GROWTH MINDSET amongst our students and staff. This focus is based on the work of Carol Dweck, a world renowned Stanford University psychologist’s theory on changing our mindset.

This theory suggests that our character, personality and intelligence can be developed over time and that they are not FIXED, carved in stone or determined at birth. It suggests that having a GROWTH MINDSET can be taught, learned  and nurtured over time.

Our goal at Alexander Muir P.S. is to help guide & support students and staff by building positive growth mindsets. We are working to watch our WORDS & ACTIONS each day to ensure that they are positive.

PERSEVERANCE & GRIT also come into play when discussing GROWTH MINDSETS. We need to learn from our mistakes, take (informed) risks and try! You have only failed if you have given up, until then it is called LEARNING!

We invite you to support us, by working on your own positive GROWTH MINDSET and helping your child by reframing negative comments and feelings into learning opportunities! See some samples below:

Instead of saying




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