Graduation Ceremonies

A student’s educational journey, through the years, have many milestone moments. Graduation ceremonies are one of these important points along the way that stand out for us all. It is always an emotional time for graduating students, their families and our staff. Emotions of pride, accomplishment & excitement are always mixed with some worry, uncertainty and a little sadness.

As a school staff we always reflect on the year that has just past for each of our students. We are so proud of the people that they have become, not only for their academic achievements and efforts at school but also with the character traits that they have exemplified for us along the way. We have witnessed our students demonstrating strong leadership skills, tirelessly volunteering their time at our school in many different ways and demonstrating true character traits on a daily basis. These have been evident in their words and actions throughout the year. We are proud of these accomplishments and have a deep feeling of satisfaction that you are fully prepared for the next step in your journey and that you will represent Alexander Muir with pride next year.

This week and next week we are celebrating and hosting graduation ceremonies for our senior kindergarten and grade eight students.

Our Senior Kindergarten students are moving on to grade one! They have completed the requirements for Kindergarten and are now ready for the exciting challenges of grade one. They will be joining the rest of our students on the big playground area and are moving into to the Primary division. They are big kids now! We will continue to support them as they move into this important next step in their learning journey.

Our grade eight students are moving on to high school, entering grade nine. Many will be attending different high schools in September so they will be leaving our school and fellow AMPS classmates behind.

We wish our grade eight graduates all the best in their future endeavours and leave them with this important quote ~ Carpe Diem! which means Seize the Day! Make the most of all the learning & opportunities that will come your way over the next four years in high school. Remember don’t be strangers! We welcome you back at Alexander Muir any time!

Mr. Erdmann



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