The month of June @ Muir

Often people say… “you must be winding down” in reference to the month of June at school. This however is far from the case! The month of June is actually one of the busiest months of the school year. There are many activities & events that are always planned during the month of June. At the same time we are working to complete all the year end tasks while at the same time planning and preparing for the new school year. At Alexander Muir this month we have already held E.Q.A.O testing for grades 3 & 6, our school and area track and field events, primary play day, class trips, staff workshops, poetry cafe and Rube Goldberg machine demonstrations. We also held our very successful School Community BBQ & Spring Concert this week.

Next week we have SK kindergarten graduations, Grade 8 Niagara Falls trip, regional T&F meet, our volunteer appreciation social and character assemblies.  In the final week of school we will have desk/locker clean outs, class parties, salute and recognize our grade eight graduates and hold our annual school wide assembly to say farewell to students and staff that are leaving Muir. We will end the assembly off with a celebration slide show. It will be great to look back at our school year in pictures!

As you can see it is a very busy month for all of us here at Alexander Muir.  A busy, active but rewarding month!


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