Welcoming our newest Muir Students & Families

Last week we hosted our Welcome to Kindergarten evening. It was a chance for our Welcome to Kindergartennewest Muir students and their families to come to visit and tour our school and see what play based, inquiry learning is all about. The evening consisted of families picking up their WTK passports and then exploring a variety of learning activities in each of our kindergarten classrooms focused on the key area for learning in the kindergarten program. Activities included: Noticing Print, Creative Exploration, Playing with Play Dough, Healthy Snack choices, Talking & Reading together and Music & Movement.

It was great to see these junior kindergarten students as they entered our school building for the first time. Some were eager, some were apprehensive, but all were curious! Some were independent and others kept close contact with family members!

Each child ended the evening with a juice box and a Welcome to Kindergarten bag full of all the learning materials presented in each classroom session. Our hope is that families will use these resources over the summer to help prepare their child for the start of school in September. Lots of great summer learning!

We want to thank our wonderful Kindergarten team (Mrs. Wonnacott, Mrs. Borman, Mrs. Sarro, Mrs. Snodden, Mrs. Strato, Mrs. Preston & Mrs. Smith) for all their work and effort in organizing this event. Thanks also to the parent volunteers who helped make play dough and helped collate our Welcome to Kindergarten packages. Special mention must go to some of our new Designated Early Childhood Educators (DECE’s) who came to support us at this event, even though they don’t start at Muir until September in our new Full Day Kindergarten (FDK) classrooms! Much appreciated!

We also thank our community partners that were able to come and set up displays for our families. Thanks to Newmarket Public Library, YMCA Daycare & SEPYR ~ Settlement & Education Partnership in York Region. We appreciate your support.

This was just the beginning of our school partnership between student, family & school that we hope will be nurtured over the course of the school year. Next week we welcome everyone back for your classroom observation visits!

Click here to view our Welcome to Kindergarten Presentation

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