Alexander Muir Dress Code Policy

As the weather begins to heat up we would like to remind our students and families of our AMPS Dress Code Policy. This policy is reviewed each year by our school council. Please take a few minutes to review it with your child(ren). If you have any questions please contact the school and speak with the Principal/Vice-Principal at any time.


Respect for self and others are evident when students dress in a suitable and proper manner for all school activities. The dress code applies to all students at all grade levels.

Clothing/jewelry that portrays the following is not permitted:

  • alcohol, tobacco or other harmful substances or products through words, pictures, symbols or mascots
  • profanity or sexually explicit words or pictures (implied or blatant)
  • pictures, symbols or writing that directly or indirectly demean the ethnicity, race, culture, religion, national origin, gender or disability of an individual or group or make reference to any gang or gang language
  • please avoid excessive perfumes/cologne or scents at school

The following clothing is not permitted:

  • head coverings (caps, hats, bandanas) in the school (except for religious or medical reasons)
  •  shirts that reveal the stomach, have straps thinner than the width of 2 fingers or are low-cut
  • pants that are worn below the waist (display/show visible undergarments); pajama pants
  • shorts or skirts shorter than mid-thigh length

Students need to be prepared for inclement weather by:

  • wearing boots, gloves, hats and proper coats during winter days
  •  dressing appropriately for rainy days
  • wearing hats and sunscreen during warm, sunny days
  • having a pair of indoor shoes at school    

Appropriate Footwear for School

  • Running Shoes with non-marking soles are required for physical education classes
  • For safety reasons- No flip flops/beach shoes, high heels or shoes with rolling wheels are permitted

 Possible Consequences:

  • Wear replacement clothing item/change into articles that meets dress code standards
  • Warning/Reminder and/or Parent/Guardian contact
  • Removal of cap/hat/bandana/jewelry item for the remainder of the day
  • Cover up item/turn inside out
  • Write our Dress Code
  • Serve a detention/suspension (for persistent refusal to follow Dress Code)
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