Thinking Routines in our Classrooms

LightbulbDid you know that you can improve your child’s thinking with 5 simple words? Next time your child tells you something, ask them ‘What makes you say that?’ This question
seems simple on the surface but it requires children to support their answer with facts, opinions or further thinking.

Elaborating on their thinking in this way allows students to reason with evidence and may even allow them to notice bias in their thinking. This is a thinking routine developed by Ron Ritchhart and his team. More information can be found in their book, “Making Thinking Visible: How to Promote Engagement, Understanding and Independence for All Learners.”

The teachers at AMPS have been busy trying out new ‘thinking routines’ in the
classroom to help our students think more deeply about issues, texts and information
and to share and listen to the thinking of others. Some of the routines we have tried are, ‘Colour, Symbol, Image’;  ‘See, Think, Wonder’ and  ‘Zoom In.’

Below are some visual representations of some classes thinking. Why not ask your child ‘What thinking routine have you used in class?’

Thinking Routines

To learn more about thinking routines check out this website

from the Literacy & Learning Team @AlexMuirPS 


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2 Responses to Thinking Routines in our Classrooms

  1. Erin Stacey says:

    Any visuals for the Understanding map?

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