African Heritage in our Community Class

During the month of February our class read many stories related to Black History Month. Through reading Helen Buckley’s “Grandfather and I” and “Grandmother and I” we learned about family life and the strong relationships between family members. We discovered that some children in the past had similar life challenges as we do today and that no matter how we live we are all loved by our parents, brothers and sisters. We learned that we can live in different places but still have similar customs as Cassie from “Cassie’s Word Quilt” by Faith Ringgold. We also learned about human rights and what it means to be treated equally through Aaron Reynolds’ story “Back on the Bus”. We celebrated life through “One Love, One World”, the famous Bob Marley song, and “What a Wonderful World” by Louis Armstrong. We expressed our thoughts and feelings by creating some unique African-Canadian artifacts, rugs, masks and drums and attended two great presentations by performers Mr.Williams and Mr.Lee.  We learned more about human rights and equity and how one person like Mr. Nelson Mandela empowered the world and made nations come together in the desire to eliminate prejudice and discrimination. We hope you as readers enjoy our art work as we enjoyed creating it.

african heritage in the Community Class

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