Google Apps for Education ~ Email Launch

Google Apps for Education

Dear Parents/Guardians,

We recognize the importance of digital literacy and its potential to engage students in meaningful communication and collaboration. As a result, the York Region District School Board is providing and managing access to the Google Apps for Education service for staff and students. This service, referred to as GAPPS, may be used by your child’s teacher to complement the learning that already occurs in our classrooms on a regular basis. Specifically, GAPPS provides fast and easy collaboration, real-time editing and feedback, and access for students on any device at any time. Use of GAPPS, by both staff and students is governed by existing policies, including Policy #194: Appropriate Use of Technology. This policy is available for review on the Board’s web site.

Along with access to the GAPPS platform, most students will now have access to a Board email address. This email address can also be used as a login for other cloud-based educational tools, such as Moodle. The activation of student email on the GAPPS platform, will occur as follows:

  • JK-Grade 2: no email access
  • Grade 3-5: access to internal York Region District School Board email only
  • Grade 6-12: access to internal and external email

As with all use of technology, we rely on parents/guardians to be strong partners in educating children on the appropriate use of technology. To this end, the service is provided as a privilege and violations of Board policy may result in withdrawal of the service.  The standard format for the GAPPS email address will be where student# is the same number students use to access the Board network and classroom computers.

Please take the time to review our appropriate use of technology policy and reinforce the importance of responsible technology usage.

More information and login for the GAPPS platform is available at


Richard Erdmann, Principal                   Nazreen Freeman, Vice Principal

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